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Simplifying Transportation for Over 40 Years

Bel-Air Taxi’s customer mission is simple: meet all of your transportation needs, transporting you to your destination in a timely manner in a vehicle that is reliable and clean.

We provide first-class customer care, knowledgeable and friendly drivers and environmentally friendly vehicles. A member of the Better Business Bureau, Bel-Air Taxi offers:

Computerized dispatch, which means fast responses!


GPS tracking

Accommodations for seniors and families

Transportation to and from school for children


For over 40 years, Bel-Air Taxi has been meeting all of your transportation needs. We provide our clients with one of the best fleets around. Clean, reliable cars ensure client comfort and safety. We also offer computerized dispatch, which means our call response times are as fast as possible. Our system will match the nearest available cab to your pick-up address, ensuring that we get you to your destination promptly. Need a ride? Call us at 604-433-6666 today!

See what we can do for you!

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